Corporate Values

Values. Our corporate values are meant to be simple, memorable, and all-encompassing. The Three values we embrace are: integrity, customer relationships, and excellence. They are our pledge to our customers, to each other, and to ourselves.


Whether providing verbal advice or written assessments and products, we stand behind our work.

Integrity is an all-encompassing trait. It includes honesty, moral courage, and pro-activeness. These are essential to grow the trust needed for our other values – customer relationships and excellence.

Out integrity is seen in the high-clearance employees, tasks and customers we have. Our people hold some of the highest security clearances available, ensuring the level of trustworthiness our customers demand.

Finally, we understand that there are “bumps on the road.” We live in the real world were unexpected problems come up. We are not reticent to bring up and advise on issues that may get in the way of our mutual success.


We see systems engineering and software development as human activities, not just technical services. That may be an unexpected statement from an engineering firm, but the best solutions and processes take into account the customer’s knowledge, desires, and prior experiences. Conversely, we aim to bring our experiences to the customer. Together, we can reach solutions we could not reach separately.

For any project we accept, we see everyone, both customer and DeVil-Tech professional, as team members critical to mission success.

We aim to treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of background. It is not just an aim to avoid any form of discrimination. It also means actively valuing our differences as a means to find new ways to improve our work.


We strive for excellence in everything we do; product development, personnel selection, professional development, and community improvement.

As engineers and developers, we provide the best tools to aid in our development and analysis, as well as follow industry best practices, such as the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook and IEEE 12207.

We are very selective with people we include on the DeVil-Tech team.

All employees are expected to pursue personal development activities outside the normal work day as conditions for continued employment.
This includes advanced degrees and certifications. Our people include professionals with PhD degrees, and PMP and INCOSE CSEP certifications.

We share back our knowledge with the community, in the form of webinars and feedback in other forums.

Last modified 2014-10-30.

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