Why DeVil-Tech

DeVil-Tech brings a combination of traits, abilities, and experience that make us a great company to work with and work for!

  • We are a small business – this means we are agile, lean, and focused on pleasing our customers, providing them the best products possible.
  • We bring big company skills – Our employees have been major players in both industry and government. Chief Engineer of Systems Engineering and Integration at Marine Corps Systems Command. General Manager of DoD Services for large defense company. Chief Engineer at TASC, Inc.
  • Global system development. Our people specified and help develop and deploy Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) and other systems at sites across the globe, to all military Service agencies.
  • Experienced enterprise support. We conduct analysis on enterprise issues and develop enterprise system architectures. Some of our key accomplishments are Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) concept development and cost/performance modeling, the Marine Corps Counter IED portfolio analysis and recommendations, and the first digital repository and system and technical architecture products for the Marine Corps enterprise.

We are a company that can act fast, adjust to your changing needs, and bring the best, experienced minds to bear on C2/software and enterprise projects.


Last modified 2014-09-04

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