Employee Spotlight: Keith Reynolds

What brought you to DeVil Tech? Doctor DeVilliers is a tolerant leader and a visionary. He encourages employees to research, understand and bring forward innovative solutions for current problem sets. He readily embraces new ideas and technology and diligently seeks to creatively apply the understanding for the greater good of the Department of Defense and […]

Finally, A Federal Answer to Safeguarding Data

As part of providing data analysis services for the Federal Government, we worry a lot about data security. Security is such an important issue for all organizations, especially our government customer that has so much data for us to process. Many times they do not have the tools needed to conduct the analysis. Government IT […]

Do We Really Have to be NIST SP 800-171 Compliant?

For my business that conducts data analysis for the Federal Government, I started down the path of ISO 27001 IT Security compliance. This is no small hurdle. It is hundreds of hours of work to make it happen. After headlines about various data breaches, including the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), a breach that exposed […]

8(a) Applications: Hard Work, but Worth the Effort

I am at the local supermarket when I run across a friend who is now a major Federal Government executive. After quickly catching up, he says “Ed, do you have your 8(a) certification yet? There are so many things I could use your help for – cloud computing, software categorization, high level policy…” The Small […]