DeVil-Tech is committed to providing education to both its employees and the systems engineering and software development community. This supports two of our three corporate values – excellence and customer relations.


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Systems Engineering Wiki

We are also starting a wiki on systems engineering. We hope that you will not only come back to our site for SE knowledge and advice, but that you can be a contributor to our SE wiki. Please Contact Us with the subject line “Contributing to SEWiki” so we can discuss our wiki project with you.

Systems Engineering Recommended Links

  • Professional Organizations
    • International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE).
      • Founded in 1990, INCOSE is the main professional society for systems engineering professionals. It provides three levels of professional certifications, a knowledgebase of SE best practices and standards, educational and networking forums, and publications. At DeVil-Tech, we use the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook as a basis for our own processes and SE training.
    • Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE).
      • Founded in 1948, IIE is an international, nonprofit, professional society dedicated to advancing the technical and managerial excellence of industrial engineers. Industrial Engineering is often considered synonymous to systems engineering, although SE is not limited to the industrial setting.
    • National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).
      • NDIA is America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting national security. As such, it covers many SE topics, and professional many forums and conferences across the country annually to discuss national defense and systems engineering issues and research.
    • American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM).
      • ASEM is the society for Engineering Management professionals, a discipline closely aligned and linked to systems engineering. It provides forums and conferences for the exchange of information and professional networking, and two levels of certification.
    • Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
      • This is one of the largest professional associations of technical professionals. It spans most engineering disciplines that involve the use of electronics and electricity, to include systems engineering. It has dozens of publications and subgroups, as well as educational resources and professional networking groups.
    • Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).
      • ACM is one of the largest professional associations of technical professionals, supporting a wide range of technical fields associated with computing. It provides a large digital library to its members, and it has dozens of specialized publications and subgroups, as well as educational resources and professional networking groups.
  • Education Programs
    • All of the societies listed above provide some amount of educational resources – classes, digital libraries, e-learning courses, handbooks, etc. In addition, here are a few of the academic programs available for systems engineering.
    • The George Washington University. MS and Accelerated PhD programs in Systems Engineering.
      • The accelerated PhD program is tailored for working professionals who already have a MS degree in a related field. All coursework is on Saturdays, and the program does all the work of registering students for a pre-determined schedule of classes (10 total). Cohorts start about once a year. The DeVil-Tech founder received his PhD from the accelerated program.
    • INCOSE Directory of Systems Engineering Programs.
    • Education Portal List of Systems Engineering Schools.
  • SE Publications

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