Eric Hansen  Eric Hansen:  Business Development Manager, Advanced ISR Solutions at BAE Systems
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ed Devilliers since 1999. During that time he has remained one of the smartest people I know. During his time supporting Marine Corps Systems Command, Ed was the Architect in fact of the C2PC and its development into Joint Tactical COP Workstation.
Ed is well grounded in systems engineering and broadly visionary in many aspects of military command and control systems.
I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ed for any reason in the future and learned a lot during my relationship with him.

Tom White   Tom White: Vice President, Marketing & Customer Service
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Ed DeVilliers from the association I had with him in MITRE’s C2 and Combat Support Systems Department. He and I were both worked C2 systems supporting DISA – different projects – but we always found that we needed to cooperate between my project – the legacy system and the newer development project he was on. We both sought out each other’s knowledge and expertise to help make both projects succeed.
Ed is a very good communicator and is strong technically and can explain a technical position to system level or operator level personnel. He is very good at bringing technology to the field. I observed Ed run a specific “demonstration” phase of his project and he was excellent on following up on all the details.
You would be very fortunate to have Ed on your team.

J.D. Wilson  J.D. WilsonLead Rapid Technology Integration- Marine Corps Systems Command
Ed is one of the plank owners in Marine Corps Ground Command and Control (C2) Battle Management System development. His expertise in computer science and software development was instrumental in the fielding of the cornerstone C2 application – C2PC – throughout the Corps. He is dedicated and hardworking – a true asset to anyone’s team.

Thomas V. (Vic) Cole  Thomas V. (Vic) Cole:  Lead Systems Engineer at QinetiQ North America
Ed DeVilliers is the sharpest and most visionary software engineer I have ever met. He is directly responsible for the success of the Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) platform, the most widely used C2 platform in the world. He is a genius at analyzing software development efforts, spotting areas of concern, and developing mitigation plans. As an organizer, long range planner, and troubleshooter, he is without peer.

bernal allen  Bernal Allen:  Former Director of MAGTF C2 Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command
Ed DeVilliers served as my Chief Engineer during my tour as Product Group Director for the Marine Corp’s C4ISR portfolio. At the time, Ed had perhaps the most detailed knowledge of the technical foundations of Command and Control as any person around. In addition to his technical prowess Ed was amazingly effective in technical or policy meetings. He is a patient, contentious listener, who can guide a group to the correct decision. When I moved to DISA in 2003 to manage the Joint C4I portfolio, I immediately ask Ed to join me. I believed his skills would be essential to this critical task. I recommend Ed DeVilliers enthusiastically and without reservation for any assignment.

Bob Skertic Bob Skertic: Professor at United States Department of Defense
Ed is a go to guy! Ed is brilliant! Ed is a very hard worker and will get to the bottom of any issue and provide a relevant option to solve the problem. Ed was our SME on MAGTF C2 systems and provided many successful solutions for our project.

Jackie Lawrence Jackie Lawrence: Chief Technology Officer at Solers, Inc.
Ed is a solid engineer who knows whereof he speaks, both technically and operationally. My first exposure to Ed was when he was a Marine Corps officer who patiently helped us “wet behind the ears” contractors understand the realities of disconnected operations and the tactical environment. Working for him was a pleasure because he quickly understood the technical aspects of what we were trying to do while helping us understand the warfighter side of the problem.

We were fortunate to hire Ed into INRI when he transitioned from the miiltary into civilian life. He continued to command great respect from our military customers and quickly earned the respect of the technical folks at INRI. Ed was a driving force for C2PC and a major contributor to it’s success and evolution into the Joint Tactical COP workstation.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ed again.

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