DeVil-Tech offers a wide breadth of proven government and commercial solutions that have been mastered from our 40 years of experience addressing operational and technology challenges. We have continued to grow and evolve our customer offerings to ensure that we address emerging challenges in C4ISR, Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architectures, and sustainability among other important business challenges. As a result, we provide insight, expertise and measurable value that empower our customers to meet their mission objectives and achieve the optimum level of success.


Systems Engineering – We are a leader in the application of systems engineering across a wide array of large-scale system development and acquisition programs used by government and industry. Requirements analysis, design, integrated cost and performance modeling, we span the gamut of SE activities.


Analyzing the entire USMC Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) Portfolio worth billions.

Led systems engineering team for the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV), succeeding through Critical Design Review (CDR) and Reliability Growth Testing.

Developed recommendations of the future of the Marine Corps’ flagship logistics system, Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps.


Our military C4ISR architectures have actually been implemented – realistic, achievable, interoperable.

Enterprise Architecture – We understand how to evolve your enterprise architecture (EA) so that you can most effectively achieve your current and future objectives. We produces DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) based products with certified professionals.


Designed and implemented the first digital Marine Corps Systems and Technical Architecture Repository – MSTAR

Created the Marine Corps Integrated Architecture Picture (MCIAP).

Led the effort across multiple PMs and agencies to implement the Marine Corps’ Situational Awareness architecture, resulting in the successful development, testing and fielding of multiple C4ISR systems.

Virtualization – Our custom VM solutions simplify your IT infrastructure allowing you to do more with less by letting you run more applications on fewer servers.


We use our own developed virtual appliances to integrate our tools for software development and systems engineering.

First to use virtualization to integrate C4ISR onto tactical combat vehicles, increasing their reliability and decreasing integration costs.


We led C2PC development to bring together all users in the battlefield – operations, fire support, intelligence, Nuclear – Biological-Chemical (NBC), planning, and logistics

Software Development – Our proven software applications and algorithms are used extensively across the government programs we support. Using agile methods and CMMI processes, our software projects have been successfully fielded world-wide.


Specifying and designing a global GIS system, C2PC, using military communication networks and messaging protocols.

Embedded, real-time software requirements and development oversight for the EFV.

Specifying, designing and testing Service Oriented Architecture components for the Net-Enable Command Capability for DoD.


We have breadth of experience in various programming languages, databases, and tools. We bring together open-source tools to manage our development while bringing our customers low-cost solutions.

Program Management and Organizational Development- Our program management services are built on our comprehensive knowledge of Federal and Department of Defense acquisition regulations and policies, along with an in-depth understanding of product life cycles. Our DAU and PMP certified professional use metrics, modeling, and experience to assess all aspects of system development.


Designed and implemented the first major Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) organization at Marine Corps Systems Command.

Led the implementation of a Project Server resource planning and scheduling capability for hundreds of programs across Marine Corps Systems Command.


Our founder helped create and lead the initial SE&I organization for Marine Corps System Command, now the Systems Engineering, Interoperability, Architecture and Technology (SIAT).

C4ISR – we are sought after expertsfor the design, development, analysis, implementation, and support of all aspects of C4ISR systems and technology.


Our people have led the technical development of Joint programs, such as Global Command and Control System – Joint (GCCS-J).

We have developed the architecture and specifications, and provided the technical direction, of multiple ground C4ISR systems to better integrate their capabilities – making them more effective for our users.

Our people have changed the way data is correlated across DoD – making our situational awareness systems more accurate to help reduce fratricide.

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