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As your company grows, we understand that it takes valuable resources to manage and operate your IT enterprise architecture. That is why it is important to have a team like DeVil-Tech working for you. We understand the realities, resource challenges, and complexities you face. We bring a track record of success – producing fully implementable enterprise architectures that will maximize your IT investments.

DeVil-Tech’s Certified Enterprise Architecture (CEA) professionals have created architectures that have been used to increase the effectiveness of IT systems – applications, networks, and communications.

Marine Corps Situational Awareness (SA)

Our founder led the design of the Marine Corps’ architecture and system specifications encompassing key tactical systems. These included Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC), Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS), Tactical Data Network (TDN) for network infrastructure.

  • Worked across organizational lines and gained consensus to move forward with a unified plan.
  • Worked the business aspects: Recommended and coordinated budgeting and schedule changes
  • Helped establish system of systems testing processes, procedures, and facilities.

The result was successful development, operational testing, and fielding of the Marine Corps’ SA architecture at about 10% the cost of the Army’s ground SA architecture.

Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps
Full-Deployed Capability (GCSS-MC FDC).

DeVil-Tech developed and executed the technical approach for creating Courses of Action (COAs) for the future development of GCSS-MC. GCSS-MC is the Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise logistics system for the entire Marine Corps (170K+ Marines). DeVil-Tech developed the technical methodology to create and assess different COAs so the system could better address support to deployed Marines across the globe.

Net-Enabled Command Capability (NECC) Prototype Architecture.

NECC was a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) program meant to transition Joint and Military C2 systems to a SOA. Our people led the development of the enterprise architecture for the initial capability modules hosted throughout the United States. We led the planning and execution of the prototype test, which included classified sites at DISA, SPAWAR Charleston, SPAWAR San Diego, and Army facilities in New Jersey. We also integrated our test with the Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES).

This is a portion of the Marine Corps Integrated Architecture Picture (MCIAP), is a depiction of all Marine Corps tactical communications, networks, and systems against an operational and security background. The Marine Corps used this successfully to visually analyze impacts to overall Marine Corps operations from individual system budget and funding plans.

MAGTF Integrated Package (MIP).

DeVil-Tech professionals have translated and linked Enterprise Architecture into important organizational policy, plans, and technical specifications.

MIP was a horizontal integration and interoperability effort within Marine Corps C4ISR acquisition across multiple areas, such as maneuver, networking, fire support, and logistics.

  • Policy. Our people wrote the policy the Marine Corps approved to align individual program plans and programs to a five year plan and conduct coordinated development, testing, and fielding.
  • Five-Year Plan. We wrote the 5-year Plan that defined the progression of system development to work key themes, such as common hardware and software, interoperability increases, and security.
  • Specification. This first MIP specification included multiple DoDAF products, to include operational, system, and technical views. We provided the systems engineering to ensure Marine Corps, Army and Joint systems, such as the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) Family of Systems (FoS) (GCCS-J, GCCS- A, GCCS-M, TCO), C2PC, Joint Tactical COP Workstation (JTCW), Advance Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), and Common Logistics Command and Control System (CLC2S) would be interoperable.

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