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AgilitySoftware Development: DeVil-Tech has proven itself to be a key partner for the development of C4ISR software products for the U.S. Military and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Our in-depth understanding of our customer’s mission and charter, matched with the discipline and repeatability of our processes, enables us to adapt to new and changing requirements. We are typically sought after by our customers to solve the most complex software development and integration problems. Our success has been is in our ability to rapidly develop and demonstrate working software to our clients in weeks vs. months. We accomplish this through our deep code base of proven software algorithms and patterns which are readily tailorable for rapid prototyping.

DeVil-Tech Agility:

Our approachcombines the discipline of CMMI® Level 3 processes with the flexibility of our agile development methodology. The result is a rapid and rigorous process to deliver working code in the shortest possible time.

With a focus on continuous process improvement, time-boxed iterative development, and customer collaboration, we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and can be certain the product we create is aligned with customer requirements, budgets and deadlines.

Client Benefits Include:

  • Emphasizing customer collaboration, offering frequent opportunities for customers to validate and course-correct outputs
  • Minimizing risk through short 3-4 week deliveries of working software
  • Reducing rework and lowering cost by designing and building highest-risk and highest-value elements into earliest iterations
  • Performing continuous integration testing throughout development
  • Managing complexity and changing objectives with the additional structure of CMMI Level 5 processes


  • Enterprise Architecture and Development (.NET, Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Oracle)
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, and Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration
  • Server and Application Virtualization
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Service-Oriented Architecture Design and Development
  • C4ISR Algortihms and Pattern Reuse and development


  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy
  • Defense Information Systems Agency

Intellectual Property

  • DeVil-Tech Software Engineering Processes
  • Software Engineering (SE) Enterprise Framework: Project management and software engineering elements necessary to define, develop, and deliver quality products and capabilities to our customers. This framework supports program management and Software tasks within the overall systems acquisition process.

Noteable Program Examples include:

U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM)

SystemDeVil-Tech was a key contributor to the development of the Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC). C2PC displays the Common operational picture (COP) from a Global Command and Control System (GCCS)-based server or tactical data from other C2PC workstations. Users can view and edit the COP, apply overlays, display imagery, send and receive tactical messages and gain overall battlefield situational awareness.



Defense Information Systems Agency, C2 PEO

AgencyFor the C2 PEO, we were key contributors in the development of a algorithms and client software to support replace the current GCCS-J client/server architecture. This complex architecture is deployed to over 10,000 military and Government installations and contains over 4 million lines of code.




U.S. Navy SPAWAR System Center Atlantic (SPAWARLANT)

Navy-SystemFor SPAWAR LANT in partnership with Red Hat we oversaw the development of a tactical Service Oriented Architecture suite to provide a prototype demonstration of the next generation Command and Control architecture which represents a new business model for delivering new capability to the fleet.



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